Property bridging loans for wide-ranging uses

Property bridging loans for wide-ranging uses

Easy access to short-term finance for businesses and private individuals covering a wide variety of purposes and applications. Domestic and household purchases and services, investment and expenditure pending longer term conventional re-mortgaging arrangements – all included.

Fast Bridging Finance

SCI are specialists in the bridging finance market. Swift, well-informed consideration is given to each loan application resulting in our current client base of private individuals, firms and businesses where the need was for prompt finance covering a wide range of uses and applications. Bridging finance by rapid funding will allow you to devote more time to the actual purpose of the loan, secure in the knowledge that your bridging loan proposal is in safe hands.

What are Bridging Loans?

In simple terms “Bridging Loans and Finance” refers to the provision and timely release of funding for individuals and businesses for shorter periods, typically lasting from 3 to 24 months. The client benefits from the opportunity to obtain a more permanent source of funding over a normal, longer repayment term on the best terms available with the bridging loan as the cushion facility allowing time to study the market. Alternatively, the project or development is completed within the chosen term and the bridging loan is repaid.

Uses For Bridging Finance Loans

Bridging finance is available from SCI for a variety of purposes including: auction finance loans, first and second mortgages, new-build property construction and development, home renovation and refurbishment, and debt consolidation loans amongst many other short-term loan applications where, for example, you are waiting upon capital from another source.

Advantages Of Bridging Finance Loans

We understand that financial circumstances, opportunities, and situations can change rapidly. The incentive of a new development project or auction purchase can stretch finances to the limit. Bridging finance literally “bridges” the gap between when the finance is needed and when a re-mortgage or sale is completed.

Non-Status Bridging Loans

SCI make bridging loans available for non-status customers as well as status clients. We have a fundamental appreciation of the varying economic factors and situations that face us all. An in-depth knowledge of mortgage lending embraces the ability to accommodate bridging loan applicants with widely differing credit ratings and an understanding of how and when bridging finance may meet different individual requirements.

Quick Bridging Loan Finance Decisions

SCI are the principal bridging loan lenders; speaking directly with us enables you to gain access to your funds sooner. It allows you to buy that property, progress with your construction or development, complete that domestic or business transaction, or finance a host of other everyday plans. Call today for a fast bridging loan decision.

Established specialists in the Bridging Loan market, providing the interim short term finance needed from time to time before that home move, property sale, re-mortgage or useful debt-consolidation.