Financing for refurbishment, construction and development

Financing for refurbishment, construction and development

Our team of finance and property specialists and surveyors is available to provide clients with guidance and advice, wherever possible – and the right loan facility.

Development Finance Overview

Development Finance is the resource of funds supporting each stage of a building construction process through from site acquisition to the final successful sales campaign. Our specialist team of property professionals and surveyors are ready to provide customers with guidance and advice wherever necessary and in conjunction with the finance itself. Up to 65% of the purchase price is available on industrial and commercial property and up to 75% on residential. 100% of the ensuing development costs cans be provided in a programme of stage payments.

Development Finance Situations

Land or property bought at auction or by private treaty may or may not have the requisite planning consent for the chosen project. SCI have the funding on hand to support the purchase and the professional fees involved in the planning process. After planning approval, the customer may wish to sell on, taking advantage of the planning gain profit after discharging the bridging loan funded by SCI. Otherwise, the option of the full development project may be attractive at which time advice and professional input is readily available from SCI along with 100% funding for the second “build-out” phase.

Advantages Of Development Finance

Builders and property entrepreneurs have the freedom and scope to undertake full-scale construction schemes without having to find separate lending sources for the various stages of acquisition, planning & design, and building. SCI provides a complete one-stop funding facility designed for the process end to end, with stage payments scheduled and tailored to fit.

Rapid Development Finance Decisions

With property or land already purchased, the overhead costs in supporting this initial funding can only be minimised (and the development profit maximised) by rapid evaluation and decision from the Lender assessing the building loan. SCI has an extensive track record with property developers and builders and adopts a policy to “cut to the chase”- only the most relevant and pertinent data is requested to enable swift decisions on the loan applied for. As the principal Lenders, the funds are then ready when you are!

SCI – Enjoying a track record covering four decades of funding for acquisition, refurbishment, conversion and construction of residential and commercial property.