Auction Finance for urgent completion

Auction Finance for urgent completion

The Auctioneer’s brochure allows you possibly 3 – 4 weeks to study the property and arrange the financing required to meet your budget purchase price. Upon contact with SCI, we will study your proposal and swiftly confirm the level of funding available based on the information provided and the applicant’s individual plan.

Buy to Let or Home Purchase at Auction

Your loan with SCI may be to guarantee your purchase following which you already have a buy-to-let or residential home loan offer in principle waiting. Our minimum short term of 3 months may prove suitable.

Property for Improvement or Refurbishment

If you plan to considerably enhance the value by building works after the auction we will be pleased to consider the finance needed to meet those costs and make a Works Retention provision in the overall loan offer.

For Sale – Sites with Planning Potential

You may have bigger plans involving revised planning consent for your target property and a longer loan term may be appropriate. On gaining your planning approval we also have the facilities and expertise to fund the new project with monitored stage payments in line with your building schedule.


Fast-paced, stress-free funding through your Decision in Principle from SCI giving you the confidence needed to target your property acquisition at the Auction.